Skip over navigation request an appointment find a doctor bwh > women’s health > women’s heart health introduction a woman’s heart your care explained who we are patient-to-patient clinical commentary ischemic heart disease your care explained > conditions and diagnoses : ischemic heart disease ischemic heart disease (ihd) can result from two conditions—coronary artery disease and microvascular disease—that reduce blood flow to the heart muscle. In women, ischemic disease is more likely to be due to microvascular disease, which produces different symptoms from those of coronary artery disease. cheap viagra online free shipping As a result, ischemic heart disease in women may require different diagnostic tests, such as catheterization pressure/flow studies and intravascular ultrasound (ivus), to identify the source. generic viagra no rx Symptoms of ihd when ihd is caused by coronary artery disease, the most common symptoms are a pressing, squeezing or crushing pain, usually in the chest under the breastbone, but may also occur in the upper back, both arms, neck or earlobes; pain radiating in the arms, shoulders, jaw, neck and/or back; shortness of breath; cold sweat; and nausea. cheap viagra online When it is due to microvascular disease, symptoms may be less dramatic and may include diffuse discomfort, exhaustion and depression. Diagnosing ihd in addition to a complete medical history and medical examination, a physician can often diagnose ischemic heart disease by noting the patient’s symptoms and how and when they occur. order viagra Certain diagnostic procedures, including electrocardiography, echocardiography and cardiac catheterization with ivus, may be performed. viagra viagra viagra comparisons Treating ihd if the symptoms are found to be due to an ischemic artery obstruction, they may be treated with procedures to remove the blockage, such as coronary artery bypass surgery or angioplasty. If they are due to microvascular disease, lifestyle modifications—diet, exercise, smoking cessation—and medications to lower blood pressure, improve lipid profile and reduce inflammation may be prescribed. Since ischemic heart disease is a chronic condition, your heart will be carefully monitored and you will be prescribed medications to control your symptoms. generic viagra available Nutrition and prevention reference these links for information on how to prevent heart disease and how to live a healthy lifestyle. generic viagra available Lifestyle changes exercise healthy diet reduce stress stop smoking healthy cholesterol levels reduce sodium date last modified: january 21, 2011 send feedback to: bwh women’s health at bwhteleservices@partners. cheap generic viagra Org contact us disclaimer directions giving privacy site map 75 francis street, boston, ma 02115 617. viagra online united states 732. buy viagra canada 5500 © bwh 2011 also of interest: tests and procedures: coronary angiography intravascular ultrasound (ivus) conditions and diagnoses: coronary artery disease microvascular disease nutrition and prevention: lifestyle changes exercise heal. viagra costo 5 mhz


Laeta is a specialist health information company that provides data analysis and software solutions to both the private and public health sector. We support managers and specialists in health care information and health policy to deliver agreed outcomes on time and on budget.

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